Data Recovery Process

The data recovery process that we perform is a very well defined series of seven steps or phases which together make up the total and complete data recovery process. We have found that by strictly adhering to this process flow on every recovery we can guarantee the maximum potential recovery rate (yields), superior customer satisfaction and the most cost effective service.

Data recovery

We understand that you have a choice of Data Recovery Service Providers to consider before making a decision but few of our competitors can provide such a list of compelling reasons as ourselves.
We strongly suggest NOT to run off-the-shelf basic data recovery software as in many cases it is of poor quality and more importantly when ran on a failing drive, it can cause it to deteriorate further.
These steps can in many cases be quite simple but in all cases are necessary to ensure a structured approach to the data recovery. While specific parts of the process are strictly confidential, at all stages of the process the customer is kept fully informed and aware of the details of the process and the results found.


All stages of the process are interlinked we find that proper handling diagnosis and evaluation are the most critical to a successful recovery. Much of the work needed to recover defective storage media is actually non intrusive but in some cases it is necessary to go deep into the unit to get to the root of the problem. In hard drives for example this can mean opening the drive in the clean room and transplanting the media and head stack assemblies. In cards and USB devices it means removing the chips and putting them into a special reader.


While much of the work is reversible, there can be some cases where some of the work cannot be reversed usually due to the severity of the damage in the first instance. In line with our communication policy, we undertake a very strict pledge that irreversible work is never carried out without the full and expressed understanding of the customer.

What should you do if you experience data loss on your storage device:

 The best advice is stop whatever activity you are doing and don’t do anything further that can likely make a bad situation worse.
You should quickly note all observable facts and shut the machine down as quickly and as safely as possible.
Do not attempt to open or repair the damaged drive / storage device yourself as typically these operations should only be performed in a properly controlled ESD and environmentally controlled area using the proper specialist equipment and tools.
If you’re in doubt or need professional advice just call Skytech Data Recovery who will talk you through the process.
Data recovery

Data Recovery from all Media and All Circumstances

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