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Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your computer repair or upgrade. Please call to Skytech Computer  repairs 021 434 6003 or if you would like to submit a  service requests CLICK HERE.

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computer repair

Laptop repair,Computer repair, Apple repair, Computer Sales Cork & County. Home or business Contact Us Tel: 021 434 6003

Computer repair

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Computer Repair
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Computer repair

Our local techs are just wizards at support and repair, they can also help you purchase a brand new computer from Skytech.

Gavin Harrington
Gavin Harrington
19:23 05 Nov 19
Pc was running as 100 degrees and fixed in less than 24 hours. Pc even looks way better. Will come again
Robb Boyle
Robb Boyle
22:23 21 Oct 19
Amazing service, Albert made sure our laptop was in perfect running order after scammers got remote access to it and left some nasty spyware on it! He had it back within a few hours and all our worries were eased! Thank you!
Sean Cooke
Sean Cooke
19:57 17 Oct 19
I arrived in the shop just as he was closing and he helped fix a problem on my laptop keyboard right there. Friendly service. recommended!
James Breen
James Breen
19:53 09 Jul 19
Sky tech is amazing.. after having my laptop in the mac repair shop for over 6 months and then being told it couldn't be fixed , it was fixed in 1 day by skytech.. amazing service, lovely guy . Cant say enough good things. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GET YOU COMPUTERS FIX IN CORK .
Ines Casey
Ines Casey
09:25 21 Feb 19
Excellent service,I brought my gaming pc for repair,Albert had it up and running on the same day! I was so pleased! Fantastic!
Hope Kidd
Hope Kidd
15:40 31 Dec 18
Outstanding service. Kept me posted every day on how he was progressing and he achieved what I thought was unachievable. Have full faith in this chap doing a great job, he will not let you down.
kennedy connolly
kennedy connolly
23:19 01 Dec 18
My PC is running like a dream, thanks very much
Connie Cronin
Connie Cronin
19:13 17 Oct 18
Albert fixed my imac last week, it had been going slow for ages and I was way behind with my work but now it's like a rocket and I have got more work done this week that I have with about 2 months, it's like a dream and I'm almost up to date I'm so happy and my stress levels have been reduced completely, thank you so much Albert, I couldn't recommend you enough! Also it was effortless, he came to collect my imac helped me to set up another computer and I had my imac back in 2 days so I'm most grateful as I was looking at buying a new imac so if you are havi ng problems with your computers call Albert, not only will you get great service but he will also save you money and he works so efficiently you will be glad you called him. Thanks again Albert
Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis
18:36 01 May 18
Great service and really helpful. Would recommend to anyone who needs to troubleshoot a problem.
Danny Brosnan
Danny Brosnan
16:32 26 Mar 18
Fantasic service from Skytech. Resolved my laptop problem in a very short time.
Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan
19:49 26 Feb 18
Albert is excellent at what he does, he is our go to guy for IT and only recently worked around the clock to fix a severe problem we had. Saved us a lot of time and money and sorted us out so our own customers weren't let down. I have no problem in recommending him for any computer work, mac or windows. Brian Donovan Omah Printing Ltd
Fionan Cogan
Fionan Cogan
17:10 20 Jan 18
Albert always greets each problem with a smile. Doesn’t waste time getting it solved. Let’s me know when it’s ready to pick, usually with hours rather than days with others. I have recommended him to others and they were delighted with his great service too.
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Not Starting Computer

Slow computer contact us today! Skytech Computer Repair & Sales Cork & County. Home or business  Tel: 021 434 6003

Computer repair

PC repair Cork City and above Any brand any problem | Slow Computer | Popups | Broken Screen | computer stuck in repair loop windows 10 in Loop Call us on Tel: 021 434 6003

Pc Blue Screen

Network down? Contact Us Skytech Computer Repair &  Sales Cork & County. Home or businessTel: 021 434 6003

mac repairs and support

Apple Mac repair | Old iMac Slow we can speed up | Apple repair | Apple Upgrade |  Clean Up| Computer Sales Cork & County. Home or business Contact Us Tel: 021 434 6003

data recovery

Lost Data Don’t panic! Contact Us Skytech Computer repairs & Sales Cork & County. Home or business Tel: 021 434 6003

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Laptop repair | faulty keyboard replacement | screen replacement| Computer Sales | windows optimization | Cork & above. Home or business Contact Us Tel: 021 434 6003

Computer Repair
Hardware Repair

Laptop repair,Computer repair, Apple repair, Computer Sales Cork & County.
Home or business Contact Us Tel: 021 434 6003

Laptop Speed-Up Service

We perform laptop repair on all makes of laptop including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Macbook.
Is your laptop sluggish and not as responsive as it used to be? Do you find it freezes a lot more frequently? Is it slow to start-up? Our speed-up service means it will boot-up quicker, faster internet browsing and faster file access.

Non-Starting Laptop Issues

You just get a black screen.

When you power your laptop you get the message:
“Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause” followed by a number of boot start-up options?

Blue Screen Issues

Is your laptop getting a “Blue Screen” the moment you power it on?

Or, is your laptop receiving intermittent Blue Screens for no apparent reason?

“Blue Screen” or “BSOD” issues can be caused by a number of factors including corrupt boot files, viruses and defective hardware. Our technicians can pinpoint the problem and resolve it for you.

Laptop Screen / Back light Repair

Laptop screen cracked replacement

Screen showing an inky color?

Laptop screen faded?

If your laptop is showing any of these symptoms we can resolve your screen problem.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Some of the keys missing or broken?

Do some of the keys not function properly?

Whether your laptop is Windows or Mac, we can repair or replace your laptop keyboard.

Laptop hard drive replacement

Have you been told by your manufacturer that your hard drive has failed or do you simply need a higher capacity drive?

Do you need a new hard drive installed and your data recovered?

Our services offer a full hard drive replacement service for all brands of laptop including Mac. In addition, we can install your operating system again (Windows or Mac OS), install drivers, set up your programs and email again, transfer over all your old data and reconnect the new setup to broadband.

Hard drives / SSD’s in stock from 120GB to 6TB.

For a pictorial example of hard drive replacement process.

Laptop Upgrades / Laptop Repair Hardware

We can upgrade the RAM (memory) and hard drive on your laptop giving you faster performance speeds and more storage capacity.

Tips for Dealing with Blue Screens (Stop Errors)

Laptop Repair and Support

Laptop repair, PC repair, Apple repair, Computer Sales Cork & County. Home or business Contact Us Tel: 021 434 6003

 Blue screens can be caused by a number of different reasons including problems with hardware, software or external devices attached to your PC.
 Make sure all external devices are plugged out of your system when troubleshooting a Blue screen problem.
Try to recall all recent hardware and software changes you made to your computer.
 Check your Event Viewer for any unusual error messages.
 Try running Microsoft Debugging Tools to analyze crash dump files.

Hardware Repair and Non-Starting PCs Computer Repair

We perform computer repair all makes computers including Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Mac and etc.


Non-Starting Computers
Hard Drive Replacement and Upgrades
Windows 7 to Windows 10
Error Messages
Power Supply issues
Blue Screens
Operating System Re installation (System Backup and Wipe)

Typical Problems we resolve include:

Computer repair
Flashing orange light when press the power button.
System has recovered from a serious error message.
Windows could not start file is missing or corrupt error message.
When power on the computer, a beeping sounds.
A blue screen when power on computer.

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